Your Testimonials

"I am  very happy and satisfied with the care they are giving me and my husband here at LDA. Dr. Shah is an excellent doctor and very professional and the girls Mayra and Marisol are awesome.  They really care about us and took really good care of me and my husband Guillermo. I really recommend this place to others."

- Silvia


"Awesome staff!! Awesome Oral Surgeons!! Thank you Dr. Roginsky and Dr. Li!! Too bad we don't have more teeth to pull. Thank you Amy and Lismarie!! Always friendly, courteous, and kind! And most important, understanding!!"

- Estelle A. 


"Kids love this office. It's very kid-friendly and that's what other offices need to replicate."

- Jennifer S.


"Great service here at Lancaster Dental Arts."

- Egypt R.


"I would like to THANK Dr.Shah and Tara who are excellent in what they do. Tara is one of the Dental Hygienists and really takes time explaining what most patients want to know.  Dr. Shah filled a bad cavity tooth and did an excellent job and I really couldn't feel a thing. I highly recommend this dental office in  Lancaster, PA  to anyone who wants special care, especially if they are and were afraid. There is no need of that at this office, they are wonderful, gentle, and do excellent work! I was very happy and satisfied with Dr.Shah and how comfortable he makes you feel. Dr. Shah is the BEST! 

- Geraldine K.


"They are very very nice! Also they make sure it doesn't hurt!"

- Audreanna F.


"Thank you for the patience of dealing with post operative people like my son."

- Sherry


"We saw Dr. Shah in Pediatric Dentistry. He was AWESOME!!!"


"I love coming to this dental office. No problems and no complaints! 100% Thumbs up."


"Amazing! Thank you!" - Kimberly and Abbey F.


"Visiting your office was a most pleasant experience. I will, in the future, refer friends, neighbors, family & co-workers to your office. God Bless."

- Katie 


"Son of adult age with disabilities, I felt at ease when seeing the surgical suite, and all of the state of the art equipment monitoring my son's condition after general anesthesia. I will recommend this office to people I know."

- Unsolicited response to survey by Mrs. Roland


“I am extremely happy with Dr. Chen. I loved the work that she just did, and she is very kind!”


"I would like to thank Dr. Roginsky and Dr. Chen for giving me my smile back. May God Bless you all. Thank you."

- Steven B.


“This is an awesome Dental group, I am not from around here and a friend recommended Dr. Lam I broke a molar, he was so professional and gentle that I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. I have my first cleaning next week cant wait!”

– Katie S.


“This office is AWESOME! Everyone really cares for helping people. I felt so welcomed and helped! Rock on!”


“This office is awesome! Very friendly, and helpful. The first time I walked in I was very comfortable and that’s a good feeling in a dentist office! I’m extremely pleased with my experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist. The staff is very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. I am pleased to say that my dental office LANCASTER DENTAL ARTS is the best dental office I have been too.”


“The office was super friendly and very helpful, great experience! I really appreciated having bilingual staff help explain everything to me so that I understood everything that was going on.”


“Great cleaning and friendly employees!”


“I felt very comfortable and the staff was very patient with me”


“My boys enjoyed the visit-very efficient and friendly. They seemed very pleased.” “Good work!”


“Thank you for being considerate of the issues I have with my teeth, everyone was very gentle and friendly! I felt super comfortable and cared for.”


“This was the most thorough exam that I’ve ever had! Every question I had was answered, it was great.”


“The T.V.’s are a great distraction!”


“I was very pleased with the thoroughness and explanation of what treatment I needed, I was also very pleasantly surprised with the cost estimate as well!”


“I am very pleased with everyone, and the procedures that have been done, I would recommend others to this office!”


“The staff and dentists are knowledgeable and were very pleasant to work with, they answered all my questions and gave me honest feedback.”


“I enjoyed the kindness of all the employees!”


“Being that I am 38 years old, I can say that I am an experienced patient, and the staff were so kind, professional, caring and detailed. I am very impressed with the whole office, The Doctor and staff have made my dental experience a pleasure!”


“Very happy with the staff, they all made me feel very comfortable, I am willing to continue with care at the office!”


“Very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere!”


“Doctors and staff were very professional!”


“All the staff are accommodating, nice, courteous and blessings. I look forward to seeing the staff as they help my family with all our dental needs!”


“Lancaster Dental Arts Staff, Thank you for your skillful work and giving me something to smile about! Dr. Chen you have a skillful touch that is so gentle. The staff is always so nice and I look forward to my appointments. Please thank Tara for making me understand your affordable payment plans and feeling confident that I can afford the smile I have dreamed about. Your kind staff and well ran office makes each visit a pleasure. I will recommend you at every opportunity. Thanks Again!”

– Mary A.